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Bsolution – because only the best solution will do

Bsolution is a one-stop-shop dedicated to provided innovative, boundary shattering
technological solutions utilizing a lean projects methodology and a unique manpower
recruitment chain.

Following many years in the technology sector, we realized that the existing technological solution ecosystem simply was not suited to the needs of startups operating on a limited budget and within super-constrained schedules.
We realized that someone needed to fill the gap, and provide affordable, rapid, yet high-quality solutions – and that someone was us, Bsolution.

What Bsolution does is utilize minimal resources to provide you with optimal technological solutions – the greatest bang for your buck.
We do so by selecting the technological solution most suitable for the needs of the project, ensuring it enables long-term, cost-effective maintenance as well as the potential for later scale up expansion.

Key to our effort is our manpower recruitment chain. We maintain a dedicated staff in India enabling rapid, high-quality and wide-scale recruitment which matches our needs for each project. Candidates undergo a four stage selection process called Fourth All:
1. Sorting based on personal communication skills and reliability
2. Sorting based on success in logic and creativity tests
3. Practical professional tests
4. A practical test performed by an Israeli project manager.
Only once the four stages are completed are candidates assigned to your projects.

This approach enables us to mobilize an endless pool of talented people to work on projects as they come in, enabling us, and you, to enjoy the best of both worlds – a core professional staff of experienced workers, and highly talented but relatively inexpensive “reservists” who are dedicated to taking on any project you might have in mind, bringing innovative, original ideas that are moderated by the project leader.
For you, the customer, this means getting the best possible solution – every time, on time.


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